USA - No inauguration for Donald Trump !


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As International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA), we support the demonstrations planned to take place during the inauguration of Donald Trump, 20 January 2017.

It should go without saying that we do not support Hilary Clinton or any other politician : we know they are both faces of capitalism, racism and war. But the inauguration of Trump means the legitimisation of white supremacism, neo-nazism and mysoginy.

We don't give a damn about élections ; the change we fight for will be archived only by ourselves, trought direct action.
We expect nothing from politicians but suffering, exploitation and oppression.

We stand with all those experiencing police attacks, racist murders and sexist violence.

In solidarity,
CRIFA, Marseille, 3-4 December 2016

IFA call for solidarity with DAF in Turkey & Kurdistan

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Since the coup in Turkey and the imposition of the state of emergency, we have seen increased repression of ‎many groups and movements operating there. This is not only aimed at the organizers of the coup, but a wide ‎repression of democratic, socialist, Kurdish groups and including our anarchist comrades of the DAF ‎‎(Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet / Revolutionary Anarchist Action).‎

On two occasions, in 2010 and 2012, DAF has already been investigated by the state as a terror organization but ‎these cases were dropped. Now, because of the state of emergency, the ability of DAF to organize is even more ‎difficult. Their newspaper Meydan has been closed down and three new investigations have been started. This has ‎also had serious economic impact for DAF.‎

In recent years DAF has been involved in many struggles including Gezi Park and supporting the Kurdish ‎revolutionary process in Rojava and Bakur including refugee support. They are involved in workers’ and youth ‎movement activities, ecological actions and anti-militarism, opposing patriarchy and supporting the LGBTI ‎movement, and have been developing practices of collective living and economy and self-organisation.‎

IFA has already been involved in the solidarity movement with Rojava in many respects and in close cooperation ‎with DAF. Now, due to the changed situation in Turkey, we must expand our support to DAF in more concrete ways. ‎We also have to be vigilant of the real possibility of increased repression of DAF and the wider anarchist movement ‎in the region and to be able to respond rapidly with strong solidarity actions. IFA is committed to this and we call on ‎all friendly organizations to join us and also provide financial solidarity to DAF.‎

To support the call for solidarity & concrete support, you can contact the IFA secretariat


website: anarsistfaaliyet.org